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Collaborated with Alagappa University.
A State University Accredited with A+ Grade by NAAC (CGPA : 3.64) in third cycle and Graded as Category – 1 University by MHRD – UGC

Management Team


Mr. B. Haribabu

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Dr. Srinivasan Haribabu

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Mrs. Pushpalatha Haribabu

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Mrs. Sujithra Karthik

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Mrs. Radha Srinivasan

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Mr. Karthik Venugopal

Secretary / JMD – Premier Steel Complex Private Limited
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Mr. J. N. Senthil Kanna

Chief Executive Officer
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Mr. A. Balasubramaniam


Chairman’s Message

“To Most People, the Sky is the Limit, to those who love Aviation, the Sky is Home! “ – Jerry Crawford

It is our Deepest Desire to serve society by molding such technocrats and Business Leaders of tomorrow. To satisfy our desire we started this Institution in 2020 to impart and provide such knowledge which is Strength and Power to the Society with the Learning of the Latest Developments of the World to meet the growing demand for well-trained and skilled manpower.
Govindasamy Naidu Educational Trust has been started with the key Objective to Provide Financial Help to economically weak or disabled Students who excel in academics and have a strong desire to pursue Technical Education. Huge Scholarships are offered to the Students by our Trust with no bar on their Cast, Religion, or Gender as we believe that Education is for everyone and it’s our responsibility to make it available for all the Students.

– Mr. B. Haribabu

Vice-Chairman’s Message

“Man must rise above the Earth, to the top of the Atmosphere and beyond- for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives!“ – Socrates

It is necessary for all Stakeholders and Partners to work together to maximize the benefits of Air-transport and to support the sustainable growth of Aviation by connecting more people and places, more often, Aviation has continued to expand. It has weathered the crisis and demonstrated resilience, becoming an indispensable means of transport. Historically Air Transportation has doubled in size every 15 years and has grown faster than most other industries.
We believe that success starts with a thought or an idea of a young mind when nourished with hope and confidence, that idea sprouts, blossoms and leads to action with knowledge. We are set to take the mission of implementing new education methodologies to enable quality learning. We encourage independent thinking and help the students with wholesome personalities so that they can contribute their best to society and the country. Utmost care is taken in updating our infrastructures which provides an ambiance that stimulates individual thinking and academic interaction to meet the technological revolution and new challenges of the modern era.

– Dr. Srinivasan Haribabu

Head - Operation's Message

A wonderful team of management and technical experts, with years of experience, will ensure the successful growth of our College.
Carefully designed curriculum, With Industry experts as crew on board & a well planned Skill Oriented training will ensure that the student’s knowledge base and their training program, be a unique experience and one of the best in our Country.
Your Career is our Goal !! Come Be A Part Of The Team That “Prepare Flights To Depart On Time”
Best Wishes to Your Aviation Career !!
– Mr. A. Balasubramaniam

Our Mission

SHK Aviation Aim to accomplish our mission by providing the right people with great skills and complete dedication by a team of professional faculty who are working overtime to build expert manpower to fullfil the requirements of aviation industry and contributing to the nation by producing complete Aviation Professionals.

Our Vision

Shk Aviation vision is to strive to prove the best in the field of aviation & to provide the quality education with innovative learning methodology

Why Aviation?

  • Aviation is one of the most global industries, connecting people, cultures and businesses across continents. Colleagues throughout the sector are committed to raising awareness of the benefits and the role of Aviation.

  • The Indian Aerospace and Aviation sector is one of the most popular, sought-after industries for a variety of job roles in engineering and non-engineering segments.

  • Aviation allows us travel to different places, indulge in the unique cultures of every place, meet new people and build connections. If you want to build a strong, global network, airline industry is the best place for you!

  • No matter what your designation is, working in the Aviation industry is a matter of pride.

Reasons to work in this industry

Exposure to different realms

The Aviation and Aerospace Industry has multiple elements like hospitality, manufacturing and engineering. Jobs like Airport Customer Care Executive, Airplane Cabin Crew and so on revolve around the hospitality element. The manufacturing element plays a key role in jobs like Aerospace Avionics Fitter and Aerospace Sheet Metal, Aerospace CNC Machinist and Aerospace Welding technician, etc. Engineering and its sub elements – sciences and mathematics – are crucial to every job in this sector. This kind of exposure to different spheres contributes to the professional growth of the worker. The one of the many perks that this industry offers.

Challenging work environment

working in the aviation and aerospace sector can be excessively challenging. This sector is majorly based on the latest technology and engineering systems. This kind of exposure to all kinds of elements ensures that the employee feels challenged enough. It also brings in excitement and facilitates constant interest towards work. The aviation industry is also, unfortunately, quite risk prone. Several jobs such as Airport Crash Fire Tenders and Rescue Crew that deal with unforeseen situations are extremely challenging and require immense amounts of focus and patience. The challenging nature of work helps the employee in self actualization.

Building a global network and exposure

The aviation and aerospace industry in its very own sense is highly dynamic and fast paced. The kind of exposure that this industry offers, not just pertaining to work spheres but also to every nook and corner of the world is the most attractive thing about it. You can travel to different places, indulge in the unique cultures of every place, meet new people and build connections. If you want to build a strong, global network, airline industry is the best place for you!

Highly Aspirational Sector

No matter what your designation is, working in the Aviation industry is a matter of pride. Many people aspire to be a part of this industry because it is a niche industry and it highly values technical skills and intellect. The high quality standards make it very appealing to many millennial. Also, who wouldn’t like to have endless, exotic trips of exploring and glimpsing around the world?

High-end and niche technology exposure

The aviation and aerospace sector revolves around very complex and high-end precision technology and harbors all the latest Industry 4.0 technology trends. As it deals with engineering, technology is a requisite in the Aerospace and Aviation Industry. It not just harbors technology; it also has tremendous opportunities for technology innovations and inventions. All aspects of this industry like the airports, airlines, ground-support etc., deal with technology and digital systems which are not just modern but are also quite exclusive. This feature of the aviation and aerospace sector attracts a lot of people, especially youngsters with a love for technology. Exploring the current technologies all at one place, that too first hand, is an appealing factor to the millennial.

The Aerospace and Aviation Industry is very aspirational and attracts job seekers with fantastic job profiles, which are both challenging and growth-oriented. If you love the idea of seeing yourself working for a current and challenging industry like this, Enroll in training programs at SHK Aviation College and Experience a World-class and Quality Aviation Training Environment at our Campus.